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For a small group of dedicated supporters, the mission of The Florida Bar Foundation is of such great personal importance that they have chosen to make a special commitment of their resources to ensure that the Foundation's work can be sustained well into the future.

The Legacy for Justice recognizes those who have either included the Foundation in their estate planning, made a gift or pledge of $10,000 or more, directed a significant cy pres award to the Foundation, or facilitated a colleague's major gift.

Members are formally recognized at the Foundation's annual dinner, in its annual report, in The Florida Bar News, and through a distinctive plaque suitable for display in one's office or home.  At all Foundation events members also receive a designated ribbon recognizing their commitment as well as a periodic, personalized update on all Foundation programs.

As you plan your own financial future, we invite you to consider how a charitable gift annuity, charitable trust, bequest or other planned gift to The Florida Bar Foundation might help you meet your retirement goals and estate-planning needs while also leaving a legacy that will be meaningful to you and your family.

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Creating Your Legacy

Your fundamental belief in the importance of access to justice has led you to consider joining The Legacy for Justice. As described on this website, there are many ways to support the mission of The Florida Bar Foundation, which is to provide greater access to justice. This mission is accomplished through funding of programs that provide free legal assistance to the poor, promote law students' public service and pro bono legal services by Florida attorneys, and improve the administration of justice.

We can help you determine what type of gift best fits your particular financial situation or stage of life. Once you have chosen the right path for your philanthropy, it can become an important aspect of your estate and financial planning—and the legacy you leave through The Florida Bar Foundation.

For more information contact:
Donna Marino, CFRE
Development Director
The Florida Bar Foundation, Inc.
(407) 960-7000
Toll-free (FL): (800) 541-2195
Fax: (407) 960-3765
875 Concourse Parkway South
Suite 195
Maitland, FL  32751


Every day in every city in Florida,
The Florida Bar Foundation helps Legal Aid help those least able to afford a lawyer.
 We are The Florida Bar Foundation,
and we believe the justice system works best when it works for everyone.




The discussion herein is general in nature and may not apply to all individuals. Prospective donors are urged to consult their personal tax and financial advisors concerning the specific consequences of making gifts to The Florida Bar Foundation. We would be pleased to discuss, in confidence, ways in which you may support The Florida Bar Foundation. These measures may also have an impact on your estate planning.


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